The need for green energy and a more sustainable planet is one of the current problem which people and companies are interested in.

Yet, normal photovoltaic pannels are short lived, depend on expensive and very polluting materials (eg:both solar panel production and electrochemical battery) and only offers 20% conversion to electrical energy.

Thermosolar is a renewable power station which create electricity from standard and non-polluting materials using reflexion of sunrays and molten salt storage. Thermosolar’s energy storage is cheaper and greaner, all of its materials are non-polluting and easier to get, the powerplant last more than 2x longer and produces electricity (30%) as well as additional heating (70%).

Thermosolar is a cheaper, greener and better power station for renewable energy.

With an unusual combinaison of experts and advantages (Finance and European Lobbying expert, Head of Lab of Applied Thermodynamics, CTO of various companies, renewable energy engineer,…) and an investor, we will make this project a reality.